KS3 & KS4 Science Tutor

Learning Cubs provide specialist, small-group supplementary support in Maths, English and Science.

As a Tutor at our Nelson learning centre, you will form part of a close-knit team dedicated to closing gaps in prior learning and helping to create fearless learners.

The role

Everyone remembers a person who has inspired them, a teacher, a friend, a family member, someone who changed how they saw things, solved a problem, or recognised their potential. As a Tutor you will be part of this process and inspire children to become learners for life.

You’ll be working with groups of 6 children of completely mixed ages, ability and backgrounds. You’ll be helping to work out tricky tasks, encouraging our members to ask for help, celebrating when they have a go and recognising their hard work and effort.

We’re all dedicated to providing exceptional service to our members in our centres and you’ll form an integral part of that experience for families. It’s crucial that you embody our Vision and Values and become a great ambassador of our company, Learning Cubs. An individual that is passionate about setting high standards and making sure their centre is the very best it can be for your members.

Who we are looking for…

  • Great role models that are enthusiastic and encouraging.
  • People with a passion for education who can deliver exceptional service.
  • Incredible people who will inspire and motivate children.
  • Fun, exciting people who will throw themselves into the centre atmosphere.
  • Inspiring Learning Cubs ambassadors
  • Tutors with experience in teaching children

The details

Part-time hours: 6 hours per week

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: £10.00-£15.00 per hour

About us

Learning Cubs provide specialist, small-group supplementary support in Maths and English. We aim to bring engaging and comprehensive academic support to all students, regardless of ability or background; from KS1 to higher education. By using a combination of expert tutors, bespoke and tailor-made materials, and a tutoring system honed over a number of years, we aim to deliver outstanding results for our students.

KS3 & KS4 Science Tutor
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