11 Plus

Ace grammar school prep!

Focus on preparation for grammar school entry assessments that take place at the start of year 6.
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Preparing for 

11 Plus

Entry to grammar school

11+ exams determine whether a student is eligible to attend selective secondary schools with high academic attainment targets. If this is your goal, preparation is key!

Personal Development

Preparing for 11+ exams teaches important life skills such as time management, goal setting, and perseverance.

Essential skills

Not only a focus on English and Maths, but 11+ exams cover skills in problem solving, visual awareness, verbal and non-verbal reasoning - valuable transferrable skills!

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We're ready for 

11 Plus

 - are you?

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Expert Tutors

Our team has been trained to deliver our tried and tested courses.
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Inspiring Environment

Our vibrant teaching environment instills a passion for learning.
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Transparent Learning

We hold regular parent-tutor meetings to discuss individual progress.
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Bespoke Programmes

All teaching material is tailored to the individual needs of each student.
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Caring Team

We’re kind, inclusive and support each other, growing together.

Funding Options

If you’re eligible, your child could receive support completely free of charge.


11 Plus



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Work on reading comprehension and creative writing tasks test English grammar, spelling and vocabulary.


Count on exam prep!

Work on reading comprehension and creative writing tasks test English grammar, spelling and vocabulary.


Verbal & non-verbal skills

Critical thinking and logic play a part in these tests; transferrable skills that test understanding and explaining.

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student smiling at his tutor
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Bespoke academic support paired with outstanding 


Learning Cubs' provision ties academic support with childcare so parents can avoid duplicate costs of tuition and childminders.

All of our tutors are qualified, safeguarding trained and experienced in working with children and young people.


When should my child start preparing for the 11+ exams?

It's recommended for students to start preparing for 11+ exams at least 6 to 9 months in advance, typically around the start of the academic year in which they will sit the exams.

What subjects are part of the 11+ exams?

The subjects included in 11+ exams vary depending on the specific test and region, but typically they include English, Maths, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

When do 11+ exams take place?

11+ exams typically take place in the autumn term, around September or October, prior to the academic year in which the student will start secondary school. However, exact dates may vary depending on the specific school or region.

Why are 11+ exams important?

11+ exams are important if you as a parent wish to send your child to a grammar school. The examinations determine which students will be placed in selective schools, which are generally considered to have higher academic standards and better resources than non-selective schools. This, however, is a very personal decision for a parent and everyone situation will be different.

“I have two boys that attend Learning Cubs and I have noticed such an improvement in their Maths and English. Staff are very friendly and keep me informed on my children's progress.”


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