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Board-specific preparation for English, Maths and Science across AQA, Edexcel, WJEC and OCR.
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Preparing for 


Entry to higher education

GCSEs are qualifications studied over a 2-3 year period during secondary school and are used to determine a student’s suitability for higher education.

Your choice

Students choose what subjects they take for GCSEs so encourage your child to study both what they are good at and what they enjoy outside of English, Maths and Science.

Plan, practise, produce

Creating a revision plan, practicing regularly and producing quality notes during class time will help your child succeed in GCSEs.

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We're ready for 


 - are you?

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Expert Tutors

Our team has been trained to deliver our tried and tested courses.
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Inspiring Environment

Our vibrant teaching environment instills a passion for learning.
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Transparent Learning

We hold regular parent-tutor meetings to discuss individual progress.
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Bespoke Programmes

All teaching material is tailored to the individual needs of each student.
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Caring Team

We’re kind, inclusive and support each other, growing together.

Funding Options

If you’re eligible, your child could receive support completely free of charge.





What’s in a word?

Tailored support from analysing Shakespeare texts to creative writing. We’ve got students covered for English Language and Literature exams.


Maths made in heaven!

From revising fractions and percentages to covering complex algebraic formulas, we support all aspects of maths GCSEs.


It all boils down to science

Biology, chemistry or physics, we’ve got experts in each field to ensure you’re prepared for GCSE science exam papers.

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student smiling at his tutor
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Bespoke academic support paired with outstanding 


Learning Cubs' provision ties academic support with childcare so parents can avoid duplicate costs of tuition and childminders.

All of our tutors are qualified, safeguarding trained and experienced in working with children and young people.


When should my child start preparing for GCSEs?

Revision for GCSEs should begin around 6 months before the exam. Most GCSE exams are sat in May, therefore January  would be the right time to start preparing.

What subjects are part of the GCSE exams?

The subjects of the exams will vary depending on your child’s choices but Maths, English and Science are compulsory. The optional subjects can be a modern language, a humanities subject or an arts or technical subject.

When are GCSE results released?

Results are usually released in the third week of August.  This year the date is the 24th of August 2023.

Why are GCSE exams important?

GCSEs are a significant step in a child’s education journey. The subjects they choose will shape what they study at A-level and ultimately what they will study as a degree if they choose that path. Many universities will look at GCSE results on an admission application.

“My children attend learning Cubs and enjoy every lesson. I have seen a huge amount of improvement in their learning as they do struggle a lot. Thank you all at learning Cubs.”


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