9 Family Day Trips to do On a Budget

Oct 14, 2022
9 Family Day Trips to do On a Budget

Are you looking for some fun family day trips to do on a budget? Well, look no further! 

Here are 10 great ideas that will keep everyone entertained without breaking the bank. 

From visiting a nearby amusement park to going on a hike, there's something for everyone here. So get your calendars out and start planning some fun adventures!

1. Visit a Farmer's Market

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavours of your local community than visiting a nearby farmers market. 

Whether you are searching for fresh produce or just looking for a fun day out with family and friends, these vibrant outdoor markets offer something for everyone; sampling delicious cheeses from regional producers, or shopping for organic produce from local farmers, a trip to the farmers market is truly an experience that cannot be missed. 

Pack up the car and head on over to your nearest farmers market - it's sure to be an adventure that you won't forget!

2. Go to the Zoo

Taking a large family to the zoo can get very expensive, but you can do it on a budget if all you cover is the entrance fees. 

Avoid hidden costs of drinks, snacks, and the gift shop (where your kids are more than likely going to request a cuddly toy to take home) by packing a picnic and avoiding the store on the way out!

The zoo makes for a fantastic experience as well as an educational trip. The sights and sounds of the animals, the wonder and excitement of the young ones as they discover new creatures, and even just exploring different parts of your own city that you might not have seen before are all reasons why spending time at the zoo is such an enriching experience for both kids and adults alike.

Throughout the year, many zoos offer discounted days for the public which will include particular groups of people, including children, students and the elderly. 

little girl in pink jumper feeding the animals over the fence

Keep a keen eye out for any discounts or free tickets that come up in newspapers or on the back of cereal boxes, these can save your family a lot of money on a day excursion to the zoo! 

3. Head to the park

When it comes to family day trips, one option that is always a hit with kids of all ages is the park. 

Whether you’re exploring local greenspaces or travelling to a destination park, spending time outdoors at a park is always a great way to spend the day. 

With tons of activities available, there is something for everyone at the park, from hiking and biking trails to playgrounds and pets areas. And with plenty of picnic spots and scenic views, there's even more reason to pack up some snacks and head out for a fun-filled day trip. 

If you're looking for an activity that is sure to delight your whole family, look no further than the park on your next family day out! 

Why not even make it a tradition once a month to visit a new park somewhere as a family? You can find parks local to your area using ‘Free Parks’.

4. Have a walk on your nearest beach

Living in the UK we are lucky enough to have a beachfront within a couple of hours drive of any of our homes, so if you have access to transport then a trip to the beach is always a fun packed day out. 

family of four walking along the beach on a cold autumnal day in their coats

There is something undeniably magical about a trip to the seaside, whether it's the pristine white sands stretching out beneath an endlessly blue sky, or the invigorating sound of crashing waves against the shore. 

Spending a day at the beach is one of life's simplest pleasures, and one that every family should make time for.

Whatever the season you can still head to the beach - just check the weather before to ensure it’ll be dry. Make sandcastles, play in the sea, collect seashells, fly a kite, set up a game of rounders. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to spending time at the seaside, making it an ideal destination for any family day trip.

5. Go to the museum

Museums are a brilliant way to spend the day out for families and provide them with an opportunity to learn and bond together. 

Museums often charge an entrance fee per person for adults, with children going free, but many museums will offer free or discounted entrance fees on certain days of the week, or throughout school holidays. 

three kids looking at museum dinosaur

Check with your local museums and see if they are running any offers over the school holidays and during the christmas break to keep your children busy. 

Booking the museum tickets in advance can also be a great way to encourage your children to learn more about the artefacts beforehand to get them excited about the visit.

6. Visit a Sea Life centre

There is nothing like a day trip to the sea life centre to bring out the kid in all of us! 

A visit to this bustling marine habitat is the perfect opportunity to explore an abundance of fascinating ocean creatures and learn more about the incredible diversity of life under the waves. Whether you are a seasoned marine biologist or a budding young explorer, a trip to the sea life centre is sure to delight and amaze.

Whether you're marveling at majestic manta rays gliding gracefully through clear blue waters, watching graceful seahorses twirl through their tank, or snapping photos of cheeky seals diving for fish, there is something at the Sea Life centre that will capture your imagination. 

If you're traveling with young children, there's no better place than the Sea Life centre to encourage their curiosity and inspire a lifelong love of nature. So whether you fancy learning about octopuses or seeing sharks up close, be sure to embark on an adventure at this one-of-a-kind family day trip destination today!

7. Camp Out

Camping can make for inexpensive family fun, and can replace a family holiday if money is extra tight one year. The major cost surrounding camping is the purchasing of a tent and any associated gear such as sleeping bags and blow up beds. 

This cost can be cut down if someone you know has any items that you may want to borrow. Another cost may incur when campgrounds require campers to pay a fee for their tent site, but compared to other holiday destinations, camping is a cheap and fun getaway option with loads of fun activities to do whilst away.

parents and child sat outside their tent with a picnic blanket and camping chair tucking into some food

Campers can spend the day traversing a local river on a canoe, or a pedalo boat with the family. Rentals of a canoe or pedalo aren’t going to break the bank, with rental prices running anywhere from £10-£25 for 2-4 hours of water fun. Pack waters and sandwiches to eat on the riverbank, wear swimsuits and enjoy the day in nature

8. Visit family and friends

When we think of family day trips, our minds instantly go to memories of visiting grandparents or spending time with old friends. 

These are the trips that have truly stick with you over the years, and they hold a special place in our heart. Whether you are exploring a new city together or playing in the park, those moments spent with family and friends will always leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It is important to prioritise spending quality time with those closest to us. Whether we explore new places or simply reconnect over good food and conversation, making time for one another can help build strong relationships for years to come. 

Whatever you do with friends and family, there is always something special about being in good company. And best of all, there will never be a shortage of memories to cherish along the way!

9. Get Involved in Festive Activities

With the Winter months fast approaching, so do the festivities of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year - there are so many events and activities you can get your kids involved in, and all to suit your budget.

little girl sat on santa's knee looking happy, shocked and surprised

All of the activities listed above can be altered to fit with the winter theme - other activities you can take part in with your children this winter include:

  • Tobogganing 
  • Winter themed arts and crafts
  • Visit Santa
  • Garden centre visits to see all of the christmas decorations
  • Build a snowman and make snow angels if the weather permits
  • Have festive themed parties with the whole family

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