Academic Support for Young People in Keighley 

Mar 7, 2023
Academic Support for Young People in Keighley 

Keighley, a historic market town in the county of West Yorkshire, is home to a diverse and vibrant community with a rich cultural heritage. Like many regions in the UK, academic attainment and school performance are key issues in Keighley. 

The region has a range of primary and secondary schools, many of which serve disadvantaged communities with high levels of free school meals (FSM) eligibility. Research has shown that FSM eligibility can be a key predictor of academic achievement, and as such, improving the educational outcomes of FSM-eligible students is an important priority for schools and policymakers in the region.

In addition to FSM eligibility, student demographics are also an important factor in academic achievement in Keighley. The region is home to a large number of students from diverse backgrounds, including those with English as a second language and those from ethnic minority groups. 

These students may face additional challenges in their academic journey, and it is important that schools and educational institutions provide tailored support to meet their specific needs.

One challenge that schools and students in Keighley may face is the issue of affordable tuition for academic support. While there are many high-quality educational resources and services available in the region, accessing these resources can be a significant financial burden for many families. 

two students working together in a tuition session

In this article, we will explore the significance of school performance and academic attainment in the Keighley region, with a particular focus on the role of FSM eligibility and student demographics. 

We will also examine the issue of affordable tuition for academic support in Keighley and explore potential solutions to help students access the support they need to achieve their academic goals.

School Performance and Academic Attainment in Keighley, Yorkshire

The academic performance of schools in Keighley has been a key focus for educators and policymakers in the region. Recent data shows that while there has been some improvement in academic attainment over the past few years, there is still significant room for improvement. 

The recent SATs results from 2022 showed that 70 per cent of pupils in Keighley achieved the expected standard or above in reading, writing and maths – 11 percentage points above the national average. This is a promising number for Keighley. Similarly, in 2022, students celebrated strong GCSE results across the board.

However, like anywhere, there are still disparities in achievement between different schools and between students from different backgrounds. 

Factors that may affect academic achievement in Keighley include socio-economic status, English as a second language, and access to educational resources and support. 

However, efforts are being made to address these issues through targeted interventions, such as additional support for disadvantaged students and improved access to educational resources.

Free School Meals and Student Demographics in Keighley

Free school meals are a government-funded initiative aimed at ensuring that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has access to at least one nutritious meal per day while at school. 

Research has shown that providing free school meals can have a positive impact on academic attainment, as students who are well-nourished are more likely to concentrate, perform better in class, and achieve higher grades. Therefore, free school meals play a crucial role in promoting educational equity and supporting academic achievement.

Overall recently there has been a huge increase in the numbers of pupils eligible for free school meals.  This is a reflection of the current economic crisis. Keighley will therefore have seen a rise in the number of families requiring free school meals. 

Free School Meal data by year

Those who receive free school meals are unfortunately impacted at a later stage in their lives. It was found that at all levels of qualification, those eligible for free school meals were earning less at age 30 years than their peers who had the same highest level of qualification. 

This link begins long before someone starts earning, in fact research traces it back to exam results in school. Recent data released by Ofqual showed that children receiving free school meals were less than half as likely to achieve a grade 7 or above in their GCSEs.

This gap in attainment has increased by a third since 2019 with people placing the blame on the government’s lack of ability to distribute resources and meals to the children who need it the most. This then means that student’s academic performance affects their position later in life when it comes to job roles and salaries.

Disadvantaged Communities and Academic Support in Keighley

Keighley has a diverse population, including a significant number of residents from disadvantaged communities. These communities are typically defined as those with low levels of income, education, and social mobility, and they often face a range of challenges, including unemployment, poverty, and poor health.

Some of the factors that contribute to the disadvantaged communities in Keighley include a lack of access to quality education, limited employment opportunities, and a high level of deprivation. 

The town has a relatively low average income compared to other parts of the country, and there is a significant number of residents who live in poverty. 

In addition, many families in the area have limited access to affordable housing, which can contribute to social isolation and other forms of disadvantage.

percentage breakdown of ethnicities in Keighley
Pie chart showing ethnic breakdown of Keighley, West Yorkshire [Data source]

Keighley East ward is ranked 20th out of 30 wards where 1 is the most deprived and 30 is the least deprived. Keighley East ward is in 20th place for income deprivation, employment

deprivation and also for education, skills and training deprivation. So, while Keighley is not an area of extreme deprivation, there are still some factors pointing towards the area being of lower-income.

Keighley has a number of schools and educational institutions that provide academic support to students. However, the quality of academic support varies widely, and many students from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to access the support they need to succeed.

One of the main challenges facing students in Keighley is the lack of funding for educational programs and resources. Schools in the area often have limited budgets, which can make it difficult to provide students with the resources they need to succeed academically. Additionally, there is a shortage of qualified teachers and support staff in the area, which can further limit students' access to quality education.

Affordable Tuition in Keighley

To address the academic support gaps in Keighley, there is a need for affordable tuition that can provide students with the resources and support they need to succeed. This could include programs that provide additional academic support to students, such as tutoring and mentoring services, as well as initiatives that provide students with access to resources such as textbooks, computers, and other educational materials.

Affordable tuition could also help to address some of the other challenges facing disadvantaged communities in Keighley, such as poverty and social isolation. By providing students with the education and skills they need to succeed, affordable tuition could help to break the cycle of poverty and provide students with opportunities for social mobility and economic advancement.

Overall, addressing the academic support gaps in Keighley will require a multi-faceted approach that addresses the underlying challenges facing disadvantaged communities in the area. However, affordable tuition can play an important role in providing students with the support they need to succeed academically and improve their life chances.

Learning Cubs Support Academic Attainment in Keighley

At Learning Cubs, we are proud to provide affordable after-school and weekend tuition sessions in Keighley. 

Our mission is to support students from all backgrounds and ensure that they have access to high-quality education through tuition in core subjects such as English, maths, and science, as well as support for exam preparation and revision.

One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to providing our services FREE of charge or at very little cost to parents. 

Learning Cubs Keighley contact details
Learning Cubs Keighley contact details

We understand that not all families can afford private tutoring or other costly educational services, and we believe that access to high-quality education should be a right, not a privilege. 

By making our services affordable and accessible, we are helping to level the playing field and ensure that all students have the support they need to succeed.

We are proud to be part of a wider network of organisations and initiatives that are working to improve education in Keighley and the surrounding Lancashire region. 

Together, we are helping to bridge the gap between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds and ensure that all students have access to the education they deserve.

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